ナイキのシューズがプレイ中に壊れた バスケットボールのビジネスを通してナイキの靴を履いているザイオン・ウィリアムソン怪我

Zion Williamson injury wearing Nike shoe rips through business of basketball

Soon after Zion Williamson's basketball shoe ripped apart, Nike's stock price took a billion-dollar hit. The freak injury during one of the college basketball season's marquee games immediately sparked debates about everything from the shoe manufacturer to insurance issues and whether the likely NBA lottery pick from Duke University should risk his professional future by continuing to play for the top-ranked-for-now Blue Devils.

Williamson is day to day with a mild right knee sprain and is progressing as expected, team spokesman Mike DeGeorge said Thursday night.

But by Thursday morning, Nike, which manufactured the shoes Williamson was wearing, was also feeling the impact of the injury. The company's stock closed down 89 cents at $83.95 on Thursday, for a $1.1 billion drop in market value, as the sportswear manufacturer became the target of ridicule on social media. A spokesman said Nike has begun an investigation into what it called an "isolated" event.

"Shoes have failed before, but not as visibly," said Matt Powell, a senior industry adviser for sports for the NPD Group, a market research firm.

The mishap is "a major brand failure" for multiple reasons, brand expert Mario Natarelli, managing partner at the MBLM agency in New York, told CBS News. Beyond injuring the man many see as the nation's top college basketball player, the incident was a "very visible shoe structure failure for a company committed to performance and technology of its products," Natarelli said.

A darker side to the story is how it highlights the cash sponsors like Nike pay schools that then force athletes to wear a particular brand, noted Natarelli. Nike is Duke's exclusive supplier of uniforms, shoes and apparel, and has been since 1992, ESPN reported.

"Again, let's remember all the money that went into this game ... and these players get none of it, Utah Jazz guard Donovan Mitchell tweeted on Wednesday. "And now Zion gets hurt ... something has to change."

Still, as long as the case remains isolated, Nike is likely to recover and find ways to reverse or put a positive spin on the episode, Natarelli said. As he put it: "It is hard to imagine Nike won't create a future shoe deal with Zion Williamson once he's pro and the headline writes itself -- we've invented a new shoe to contain the force that is Zion Williamson."

Playing before a crowd littered with celebrities — from Spike Lee to former President Barack Obama — Williamson was hurt in the opening minute of the game against the North Carolina Tar Heels as his Nike PG 2.5, from Oklahoma City Thunder star Paul George's signature sneaker line, tore apart. Williamson wears that model frequently during games and hadn't had any obvious problems.

The 280-pound Williamson is one of the most powerful players in the game, and he tried to plant with his left foot as his right foot was slipping. The blue rubber sole ripped loose from the white shoe and Williamson's foot came all the way through the large gap. He ended up in an awkward-almost-split, clutching the back of his right knee. He walked to the bench and a few minutes later headed to the locker room, leaving the wrecked shoe under his chair.

George said Thursday that he has talked with Nike to see what went wrong and what happened to the shoe.

"It hasn't happened to me as long as I've been in this shoe," George said. "We've made three generations, going on four now of my shoe, of being successful. So I didn't necessarily feel any way about that part — the negative part of it. My only concern was for Zion, honestly."

Since Duke is a Nike-sponsored school, Williamson has his choice of that company's footwear.

"I've seen guys bust through shoes but not sprain their knee," coach Mike Krzyzewski said. "He's gone down a couple times where he's slipped and saved the ball. That's what I thought happened. He goes so fast that maybe if there's something slippery, that happened."

The injury also set off a fresh round of debate about whether Williamson — the possible No. 1 overall pick in the NBA draft, should he leave Duke after his freshman season — would be wise to end his college season in an attempt to avoid an injury that could jeopardize his pro career. NBA Hall of Famer Scottie Pippen made the case for it a month ago, saying on ESPN that "I would shut it down."

Asked to respond on Feb. 5 to those comments, Williamson turned to his locker room sidekick, walk-on Mike Buckmire, and asked, "Buck, would you hate me if I shut down the season?

"I couldn't do that to my teammates," Williamson continued. "Again, thank you for, like, seeing the confidence in me and the type of player I can become. But I love college too much to stop playing. I wouldn't give this up."

Now that he's actually hurt, it's unknown if his feelings have changed.

It's also unclear, if he decides to continue his college career, whether Williamson has an insurance policy to protect him in case of injury like many other elite college athletes have purchased.

DeGeorge on Thursday could not confirm a report by Action Network that Williamson had an $8 million loss of value policy written by Winston-Salem-based International Specialty Insurance that would pay out if he slipped past the 16th pick in this June's draft. Officials at ISI did not return telephone and email messages Thursday.

Loss of value polices are not offered by the NCAA, but the governing body does offer disability insurance.

Spokeswoman Stacey Osburn said the NCAA allows schools to purchase loss of value policies on a player's behalf. She added that the NCAA also facilitates a disability insurance program for players in five sports, including men's basketball, in which athletes can purchase policies with preapproved financing to protect against future loss of earnings due to injuries suffered in college. Duke spokesman Jon Jackson said the university does provide the resource for athletes to purchase policies in limited cases but declined to comment on specific instances.

There are no NCAA restrictions on how much insurance a player can purchase, or if the player wants both types of policies, Osburn said.


Zion Williamsonのバスケットボールシューズが破れて間もなく、Nikeの株価は10億ドルの大ヒットを記録しました。大学のバスケットボールシーズンのマーキーゲームの1つの間のフリークの傷害はすぐに靴製造業者から保険問題まですべてとトップランクのためにプレーし続けることによって彼のプロの将来を危険にさらすべきであるかどうかに関する議論を引き起こしました - ブルーデビルズ。




ニューヨークのMBLMエージェンシーのマネージングパートナーであるブランドエキスパートMario Natarelliは、さまざまな理由から「重大なブランドの失敗」とCBS Newsに語った。ナタレリ氏によると、同大学のバスケットボール選手の一流選手であると多くの人が負傷しただけでなく、「製品の性能と技術に力を入れている企業にとって非常に目に見える靴構造の失敗」ということでした。

物語のさらに暗い面は、それがどのようにしてアスリートに特定のブランドを身につけることを強いるナイキ有料学校のような現金スポンサーを強調するかである、とNatarelliは述べています。 ESPNによると、ナイキはDukeのユニフォーム、靴、アパレルの独占供給業者であり、1992年以来されています。

「繰り返しますが、このゲームに使用されたすべてのお金を覚えておいてください。これらのプレーヤーはそれを得られません。ユタジャズガードのDonovan Mitchellが水曜日につぶやきました。

それでも、事件が孤立したままである限り、ナイキは回復し、エピソードを後退させる、または前向きな動きをさせる方法を見つける可能性が高いと、Natarelliは述べた。彼がそれを言った:「彼がプロで見出しがそれ自身を書いてしまえば、ナイキがZion Williamsonと将来の靴の取り引きを作成することを想像するのは難しいです - 我々はZion Williamsonである力を含む新しい靴を発明しました。」

スパイク・リーから元大統領バラク・オバマまでの群衆の前で遊んでいたウィリアムソンは、オクラホマシティサンダースターポールジョージのサインスニーカーラインから、彼のナイキPG 2.5として、ノースカロライナ州タールヒールズに対する試合の開幕戦でけがをした、引き裂いた。 Williamsonはゲーム中にこのモデルを頻繁に着用しており、明らかな問題はありませんでした。



「私がこの靴に入っている限り、私には起こりませんでした」とジョージは言いました。 「私たちは成功したことで、私は今から4つの世代で、3つの世代を作りました。それで、その部分については必ずしも何の意味も感じませんでした。


「私は男が靴でバストするのを見たが、膝を捻挫しなかった」とMike Krzyzewskiコーチは言った。 「彼はボールを滑ってセーブしたところ、数回ダウンしてしまった。それが私がしたと思ったことだ。彼は非常に速く動くので何か滑りやすいものがあれば、それは起こった」

その傷害はまた、ウィリアムソン - 彼が新入生シーズンの後にデュークを離れるべきである - が傷害を回避するために彼の大学シーズンを終わらせるべきであるかどうかについての議論の新鮮なラウンドを始めた。それは彼のプロとしてのキャリアを危険にさらす可能性があります。 1ヶ月前、NBAの殿堂入りスコッティ・ピッペン殿がそれを主張し、ESPNで「私はそれを閉鎖する」と述べた。


「私はチームメイトにはそれができなかった」とウィリアムソンは続けた。 「繰り返しますが、私に自信が持てるようになり、プレーヤーの種類が変わる可能性があることに感謝します。しかし、私は大学を愛しすぎてプレーをやめることができません。あきらめないでください」



木曜日にDeGeorgeは、ウィリアムソンがウィンストンセーラムに本拠を置くInternational Specialty Insuranceによって書かれた8百万ドルの損失額の保険を持っていたというAction Networkによる報告を確認できなかった。 ISIの役人は木曜日に電話および電子メールメッセージを返さなかった。


広報担当者のStacey Osburn氏は、NCAAにより、学校がプレイヤーに代わって価値喪失保険を購入することを許可すると述べた。同氏はまた、NCAAは、男子バスケットボールを含む5つのスポーツの選手のための障害保険プログラムも推進していると述べています。デュークのスポークスマンジョンジャクソンは、大学が限られたケースで方針を購入する運動選手のためのリソースを提供するが、特定の例についてのコメントを控えたと言いました。