Birmingham tyre centre fire in Wharfdale Road, Tyseley バーミンガムタイヤセンター火災、Wharfdale Road、Tyseleyで

Birmingham tyre centre fire in Wharfdle Road, Tyseley
More than 100 firefighters have battled a "severe fire" at a tyre centre in Birmingham.
The blaze broke out at Tornado Tyres in Wharfdale Road, Tyseley, at about 02:30 GMT on Thursday.
West Midlands Fire Service described the fire as "quite dangerous" and "challenging" at its height, and residents said their windows cracked.
Owner Abid Mahmood said he was "devastated" and his dog was killed in the fire.
Muhammad Asif, 36, who lives across the road from the tyre centre, said: "I heard a really loud bang at about 02:50 GMT this morning.
"At first it was a small fire at the back and roof of the building, and then within the next ten minutes the flames had totally spread.
"We live across the road and the fire was so intense, our front windows upstairs have cracked.
"Even with the windows closed we could still feel the heat."
Another local resident said: "The windows were cracking and the room was bright.
"And I opened the curtains and I had the shock of my life," the woman said.
Mr Mahmood, who has owned the tyre centre and workshop for ten years, said he suspected arson.
"There were plenty of tyres inside and now everything is gone - it is devastating," he said.
"I don't know what happened. Someone may have done it deliberately because tyres don't burn easily.
"I'm in shock and my dog was inside. He was like my own kid."
West Midlands Fire Service said 20 fire engines attended the fire and no one was inside at the time.
Area commander Neil Griffiths said the tyre dealership had been "totally destroyed".
He said: "At the height of the fire the conditions were incredibly challenging and quite dangerous, which is why we needed over 100 firefighters to deal with it assertively, safely and effectively.
"The flames were incredible."
He added the fire service are investigating the cause of the blaze.
Neighbouring wholesaler Millennium Carpets was also affected by the fire.
The fire was brought under control by 07:30 GMT, and firefighters are set to remain at scene for most of the day.
Road closures are in place and residents have been asked to avoid the area, West Midlands Police said.

バーミンガムタイヤセンター火災、Wharfdale Road、Tyseleyで

木曜日のグリニッジ標準時02時30分ごろ、TyseleyのWharfdale RoadにあるTornado Tiresで火災が発生した。
West Midlands Fire Serviceは、その火災をその高さで「非常に危険」で「やりがいのある」と説明し、住民は窓が割れたと述べた。
飼い主Abid Mahmoodは、彼が「壊滅的な被害を受けた」と言い、彼の犬は火事で殺害されました。


別の地元住民は言った: "窓が割れていて部屋は明るかった。
「タイヤの中にたくさんのタイヤがあった、そして今すべてがなくなった - それは壊滅的である」と彼は言った。
West Midlands Fire Serviceによると、20台の消防車が火災に参加し、当時は誰も内部にいなかったという。
エリア指揮官Neil Griffithsは、タイヤ販売店は「完全に破壊された」と述べた。
近隣の卸売業者Millennium Carpetsも火災の影響を受けました。